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Kerrell McNeal - July 31, 2015

Avoid food loss when you’re heading out of town!

Kerrell McNeal - July 31, 2015


Kerrell McNeal - July 31, 2015
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Most days when I go online to get a snapshot of the world around me, I am disappointed to see it’s mostly paparazzi following reality TV “stars”, political mudslinging, and advertisements. Lately, however, I’ve been so very pleasantly surprised to see the topic of food waste reduction actually trending within the last 30 days! Now, don’t get me wrong, ideally, I wish it was no longer a problem and it wouldn’t need to trend…but since it is, and it does…let’s give it the awareness it needs so that we can do something about it!

You may have seen the piece about a young woman named Lauren Singer, who was able to fit a year’s worth of waste into a single mason jar! I would say that is pretty amazing. She went on to start the simply co. – a company that makes 3-ingredient laundry detergent.

Or, perhaps you’ve read Megan Kimble’s book, Unprocessed, which outlines a young woman’s journey to eat nothing but unprocessed foods for an entire year. And, that wasn’t even the most impressive part – in my view, the most impressive part was the amount of time she spent learning about the processes that go into making our food.

Maybe you’re the type of person who would rather curl up and watch late night TV – well, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has you covered! His HBO show dedicated a significant amount of its programming one night to food waste in America – how much we waste, and our how consumer culture actually encourages wasting it.

The challenge:

Commit to a one-month food waste reduction challenge! Make it a game with your family, and have a cool incentive at the end like a pizza party, or a day on the lake! Most households have two bins outside – one for trash and one for recycling. The challenge is: try to go a whole month with only taking the trash bin out to the curb once (you can take out the recycling more frequently if needed). If you have food waste that may get smelly, simply bag it and freeze it until the last day, then place it in the bin.

Tips on how to reduce:

  1. Use the whole animal
  2. Make your own juices and plant based milks to reduce packaging (and processing)
  3. Buy only what you can use up in 2-3 days (you don’t really need a pallet of mangoes all at once)
  4. Have a leftover night – put all of your leftovers into a delicious soup, stew or pasta

Email me your results and you may be featured in a future post!

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